War Service Dress Blouse

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In this item we are offering you pronounced replica of War Service Dress Blouse that was used by RAF pilots in WWII. Considering Czechoslovak Military Forces in USSR the blouse was used in accordance with valid regulations as a part of service uniform of Czechoslovak Airforce operating in USSR. The blouse was made of blue colored natural wool fabric.

The citation from an additional revision of Czechoslovak regulation "Regulation and wearing of Czechoslovak land forces and airforce".

"III. The dress uniform for airforce has the same cut as Czechoslovak uniform for land forces, however it has gray-blue color. In hand to hand with the dress uniform there is also worn a shirt and black tie. During the field service there is worn blue English battledress and trousers.".

The primary Uniform instructions issued by Czechoslovak Ministry of Defence no. 3225 conf./III-1. dep. 1941 was amended by Czechoslovak Military Mission in USSR during second half of 1944. In this amendment there was considered specific issues for wearing of uniforms by soldiers of Czechoslovak Military Forces in USSR.

The sizes of blouses are laid down in inches and these are representing diameters of chest.

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