Overalls, Blouses, Denim


In this item we are offering you good quality replica of the earlier variant Overalls, Blouses, Denim used by British army in WWII. The intendancy of Czechoslovak Military Forces in USSR also called this blouse as "work-blouse". This variant of blouse was fervently used by soldiers during the training, but it was also worn by drivers, technical personnel, soldiers of intendancy and by soldiers of other rear military units since May 1944 organized under 1st Czechoslovak Army Corps in USSR. Overalls, Denims as blouses and trousers were frequently worn by soldiers of new formed 3rd Czechoslovak Independent Brigade in USSR in summer 1944 at the territory of Czernovice Region. These soldiers were dressed in these uniforms in the earlier phase of Carpathian-Dukla´s Operation in 1944. The offered blouse is made of brown natural denim cotton fabric.

The sizes of blouses are laid down in inches and these are representing circumferences  of chest.

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