Battledress Trousers, Serge (early)

Panther-Store Heritage/Made in Czechoslovakia

Please choose the size of your uniform in accordance with first two tables laid down in section "Sizes & Forms" of this website, which were issued for British Battledress Blouses and Trousers. If you need different size of blouse or trousers, please be free to contact us via our e-mail address. We will respond at your inquiry at the next working day.

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After closing of production of Panther-Store British Battledress blouses and trousers we have successfully moved the original materials and designs which were used for their production from Brno, Czechia to Nemšová, Slovakia to retain the heritage of these supreme quality products for reenactors all on the Globe. We know that Panther-Store has had just the best references what was put into the life by very personal approach of David M to his customers. For a long time, we have had an excellent personal and friendly relation with him, and we proudly sold dozens of parts of British battledress sets. Unfortunately, after summer tragedy for all reenactors´ family, remained our hands empty. In this sad situation we have not wanted to substitute the ultimate quality British battledress sets by cheap solutions from many well know sellers or producers as we are sure that the highest quality and a good selling prices are very important.

Under this item we are providing to you earlier variant of wool Battledress Trousers, Serge, which are sometimes named as 1937 Pattern. Trousers were introduced into the British Royal Army in year of 1938. In these cases, it was the Specification E/1037 from October 28, 1938, pattern no. 11012. The parts of British Battledress were for Czechoslovak Military Units in USSR delivered via Murmansk (Arkhangelsk) Run from Great Britain. Also, these ones were used by Czechoslovak officers which were arriving to USSR from Great Britain or Middle East. The earlier variant of British Battledress, Serge has been used in USSR from spring 1942 even to the end of WW2.