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I. General provisions

1.1. This return policy is issued in accordance with the Act No. 40/1964 Coll. civil code as amended (hereinafter referred to as "Civil Code"), the Act No. 250/2007 Coll. on consumer protection as amended (hereinafter referred to as "The Consumer Protection Act"), the Act No. 102/2014 Coll. on consumer protection in the sale of merchandise or services under a distance contract or contract concluded outside the premises of the seller as amended and the Act No. 22/2004 Coll. on electronic commerce as amended.

1.2. Seller is a company:

Business name: Kateřina Moravcová - WPG CENTRAL EUROPE

Place of business: 91441 Nemšová, Kukučínova 2098/1A, Slovenská republika

Registered in: Okresný úrad Trenčín, Small-business register No: 350-45127

IČO (Identification number of company): 53331800

DIČ (TIN): 1075690088

SK VAT registration number for services, only: SK1075690088

IBAN: SK61 0900 0000 0051 7392 6525, SWIFT: GIBASKBX

Seller is not a VAT payer (Value Added Tax) for delivery of goods!

(hereinafter referred to as "the seller") and any person who is a buyer of the merchandise or services offered by the seller in the online store of the seller and who performs in the position of the consumer.  

1.2.1. The contact to the seller is:

Kateřina Moravcová - WPG CENTRAL EUROPE, 91441 Nemšová, Kukučínova 2098/1A, Slovak Republic


Tel. No.: + 421 907 673 369

1.3. The return policy governs the rights and obligations of the buyer-the consumer in the applicable rights from defects in the object (merchandise) in the context of a closed distance purchase contract with the seller through the electronic commerce of the seller,,,,, and A consumer is a buyer who, when concluding a purchase contract through the online store of the seller, does not act in the course of his business.

1.4. The buyer is any person (natural or legal) who has completed and sent the order through the seller's website and received an email notification of receipt of the order and paid the purchase price. The buyer is also any person who has entered the order by telephone or by sending an email. This return policy governs the legal relationship between a buyer who is a consumer and a seller. Legal relationships resulting from the exercise of rights of liability for defects between the seller who is a legal person, a natural person in small business and the buyer are governed in accordance with the Act No. 513/1991 Coll. commercial code as amended.

1.5. Consumers are any buyer who, when concluding a purchase contract under this return policy and inn accordance with GBC posted on the seller's website, does not act within the course of his business activity.

II. Links

2. This return policy forms are part of GBC published in the seller's online store.

III. Liability of the seller for defects of products (merchandise and services)

3.1. The seller must supply the product (merchandise) in accordance with the closed purchase agreement i.e. in the required quality, quantity and without defects (factual, legal).

3.2. The seller is responsible for the defect that has the sold product when taking over the buyer. If this is not the case, the seller is responsible for defects that occur after taking the product in the warranty period (warranty). The defect must be applied by the buyer to the seller without undue delay.

3.3. The buyer is entitled to inspect the sold product before it will be taken over by him.

3.4. The seller is not responsible for defects caused by:

- faulty installation of the product,

- use of the product in contravention of the operating instructions or the nature of the product,

- non-professional installation,

- non-professional or unauthorized interference with the product,

- foreign substances and liquids entering the product,

- an inevitable event (natural disasters, etc.),

- connecting the product to non-prescribed supply voltage,

- by combining the product with non-original accessories or other manufacturer's accessories,

- storage or operation of the product outside the temperature range,

- the storage or operation of the product in dusty, chemically aggressive or otherwise inappropriate environments,

- damage caused by wear and improper use of the product, e.g. cracked electrical cable,

- where a warranty form is to be provided with obvious signs of misappropriated data changes or where the merchandise has the different serial number from that indicated in the warranty form.

3.5. If the seller offers, when buying merchandise to the buyer, the merchandise sold free of charge to merchandise other than the gift, it shall be accepted or refused on the buyer or the offered merchandise as a gift. The purchase contract will also include a gift contract which will be subject to a free transfer of such a donation. However, this gift is not a sold item and therefore the seller is not responsible for its possible defects.

3.6. If the seller of any defect the gift knows is obliged to have these faults of the buyer when offering a donation to draw attention. If the gift has the defect to which the seller has not pointed out, the buyer is entitled to return the gift without the claim for a new gift. If the buyer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract and return the purchase price, it shall also be graduated from the gift contract which is part of the purchase contract and the buyer is obliged to return to the seller everything according to the contract, i.e. the merchandise received as a gift. It is not possible to withdraw only from part of the contract but only to the whole purchase contract, including a gift contract which forms an integral part thereof.

IV. Warranty period

4.1. The warranty period is 24 months. The warranty period for the used product is 12 months. Warranty periods begin to run from the receipt of the product by the buyer. If a purchased object is to be put into service by the business company other than the seller, the guarantee period shall commence until the date of entry into service, unless the buyer has ordered the entry into service at the latest within three weeks of receipt of the object and has provided a proper and timely necessary synergy services.

4.1.1. In the case of perishable foodstuff, the customer must submit the claim at the latest on the day following purchase. For foodstuffs where the date of minimum durability is indicated, the warranty period shall be valid until that date.

4.2. If the buyer is not a consumer, it shall be subject to the provisions of the Commercial Code and the guarantee period shall be 1 year. The warranty period begins to run in accordance with Article IV, paragraph 4.1 of this return policy.

4.3. The period from the exercise of the right of liability for defects until the buyer has been obliged to take over the repair, shall not be counted until the warranty period. The seller must issue to the buyer a confirmation of when the right has been applied, as well as the execution of the correction and the time of its duration.

4.4. If there is an exchange for a new object, the warranty period will begin to run again from the receipt of the new object.

4.5. If a part of the new object is exchanged, the nature of the object permits. The above section will begin to run the warranty period again since the new object is taken.

4.6. Rights of liability for defects in the object for which the warranty period applies shall cease if they have not been applied in the warranty period.

V. Procedure for the exercise of rights of liability for defects (Claim)

5.1. The buyer is entitled to exercise the rights of liability for defects of the object, merchandise or services at: Roman Moravec - WPG CENTRAL EUROPE, 91441 Nemšová, Kukučínova 2098/1A, Slovak Republic. The buyer may always use the right to exercise personally the claim in any company's premises or at the company's headquarters, or through third parties e.g. transport companies, shipping companies, Slovak Postal Service, Czech Postal Service, and others. In the complaint, we recommend that you furnish the buyer with a warranty form or proof of payment of the purchase price. The buyer is advised to describe the defect in the application of the advertised case and to indicate how the defect is manifested.

5.1.1. If the buyer advertises the merchandise or service otherwise than in person, we encourage the buyer to send the merchandise together with a detailed description of the defect of the merchandise, and a document demonstrating the purchase of the merchandise in our shop (proof of payment, invoice, warranty form, etc.), in order to expedite the return policy.

5.1.2. We recommend that you send the merchandise in the case of a complaint by registered letter/parcel form. Do not send the goods in the form of cash on delivery, which will not be taken on by our store.

5.1.3. During the operation period, the seller shall designate the person responsible and authorized to receive and handle the claim.

5.2. Upon receipt of the advertised object , the buyer shall be issued with proof of application of the claim immediately; If this prevents serious circumstances, without undue delay, but not later than with the proof of the complaint.

5.3. The seller must determine the method of handling the claim immediately, in complex cases within 3 days of the date of application of the claim. In justified cases, where a complex technical assessment of the merchandise is required no later than 30 days from the date of application of the claim. After determining how the claim is handled, the seller will handle the claim immediately, and in justified cases, the claim may be fitted later. However, the claim must not be more than 30 days from the date of application of the claim. After the 30 days' period for handling the claim, the buyer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract and will be refunded the full amount for the merchandise or has the right to exchange the merchandise for a new one.

5.4. If the consumer has applied the claim for the first 12 months after the purchase, the seller may only refuse the claim on the basis of a professional assessment; irrespective of the outcome of the professional assessment, the consumer cannot be required to reimburse the costs of the professional assessment or other costs related to the professional assessment. The seller must provide the consumer with a copy of the professional assessment justifying the rejection of the claim no later than 14 days from the date of the claim.

5.5. If the consumer has applied the product claim after 12 months after the purchase and the seller has dismissed it, the person claiming the claim is required to indicate to whom the consumer can send the product for professional consideration. If the product is sent for a professional assessment to a designated person, the cost of the professional assessment, as well as any other related costs incurred, shall be borne by the seller, irrespective of the outcome of the professional assessment. If the consumer demonstrates the liability of the seller as a defect, the claim may be reapplied; During the performance of the professional assessment, the warranty period does not run. The seller is obliged to pay the consumer within 14 days of the date of reclaiming all the costs incurred for the professional assessment, as well as any related costs incurred. Reclaimed claim cannot be rejected.

5.6. The consumer shall have the right to pay the necessary costs (especially the delivery cost paid in the dispatch of the advertised merchandise) incurred by him in connection with the application of the legitimate rights of liability for defects of merchandise and services.

5.7. The technical assessment referred to the paragraph 5.4. of this article:

The expert assessment shall include:

a) the identification of the person carrying out the expert assessment;

b) the exact identification of the product concerned,

c) description of the product status,

d) the result of the assessment,

e) the date of the professional assessment.

5.8. The seller must inform the consumer, in an appropriate and demonstrable form, at the latest 30 days after the date of application of the claim, on the equipment of the claim and the method of its equipment. The seller is obliged to issue a written document for the claim and no later than 30 days from the date of application of the claim.

5.9. The termination of the return policy (claim) is deemed to be the equipment. Under the equipment of the complaint means the termination of the return policy by handing over a repaired product, exchanging the product, returning the purchase price of the product, paying a reasonable discount on the price of the product, a written call for acceptance or a reasoned refusal.

6. Advertised merchandise the seller shall, after handling the claim, deliver the same form as the claim was made by the buyer. A change in the form of service is only possible by buyer's consent.

VI. Rights of the buyer in exercising the rights of liability for defects

6.1. In the case of a defect which can be eliminated, the buyer has the right to be free of charge, in good time and properly removed. The seller must remove the defect without undue delay. The buyer may, instead of removing the defect, request the replacement of the object, or if the defect concerns only the component of the object, the replacement of the component if the seller does not incur disproportionate costs in respect of the price of the merchandise or the seller can always replace the damaged thing in place of removal of the defect if the buyer does not cause serious difficulties.

6.2. In the case of a defect which cannot be removed, and which prevents the object from being properly taken as a matter without defect, the buyer has the right to exchange the object or has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract. The buyer has the same rights if it is a removable defect, however, if the buyer cannot, for the reoccurring defect after repair or for a greater number of defects, take the matter properly. If other non-removable defects are concerned, the buyer has the right to a reasonable discount on the price of the object.

6.3. If an object sold at a lower price or a used thing has a defect for which the seller is responsible, the purchaser shall have the right to a reasonable discount instead of the right to exchange the object.

VII. Final provisions

7.1. The seller reserves the right to change this return policy. The obligation of written notification of the change of the complaint order is fulfilled by its location in the seller's online store.

7.2. This return policy forms an integral part of GBC and GDPR of this online store. Documents - GBC and GDPR of this online store are published on the seller's online store domains.

7.3. In the event of a change in the return policy, the relationship between buyer and seller shall be governed by the return policy valid and effective at the conclusion of the purchase contract, until the moment of its demise.

7.4. This return policy shall enter into force and the effectiveness of their publication in the online shop of the seller on 27th of October 2023.

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