Dear British customers,

when you would like to make the order with the delivery to the UK first of all we need to know following information that should be sent to our email 

1. First name and surname of the person and detailed delivery address. 

2. Method of payment (Paypal or bank transfer options are possible for the UK, only). Paypal address is always just: Do not use any other WPG Central Europe addresses for the UK deliveries.

3. The name of the product or products and indented amount. 

4. Contact data as email address and cell phone (phone) number of the customer.

After receiving the above-mentioned data we will promptly prepare for you the draft of business invoice that will be sent to your contact email address.

Before making any order please read our General Business Conditions and take into account that the usual delivery time is around 30 working days. Usually we are not keeping on our storage any pieces of battledress uniforms for immediate delivery as the demand is higher as our manufacturing capacity.

After Brexit the distance selling to the UK shall be done just with British VAT and every overseas distance seller to the UK should be authorized by the HMRC for this operation and also should collect in the time of selling 20 % of British VAT (value added tax) over selling value of product or products. Practically it means that every British customer should understand that each product in our eshop will be more expensive by 20 % (British VAT) but on our website you can see selling prices without any VAT rate. As our company is not registered VAT payer for a rest of World the deliveries with the exception of the UK are managed without any VAT.

One consignment (your order) should be under the selling price 6,000 EUR (currently 5,700 GBP) where there is the guarantee that you will not be charged by import customs duty by the HMRC. Of course we will equip you with the suitable business invoice to avoid any additional payment at the time of the import to the UK. Also our invoice will be equipped by our British VAT registration number 377 3970 49 when the HMRC will know that import VAT has been already collected and we will wire this sum to its account.

Any time when you need to know any information before the order do not hesitate to contact us via email and ask us whatever you need to know.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your WPG Central Europe Team